Website developer integrating WordPress with Salesforce CRM in Melbourne


Enterprise business owners and the small business owners usually look forward to Salesforce for all their inside sales. Manually entering all that there is in the WordPress database is time consuming and cumbersome that can actually be taken care of and can actually be integrated. Integrating WordPress with Salesforce eases out a lot of things at your end when it comes to these manual tasks. WordPress is actually a good platform to exhibit your business and garner traction out of it. Lead generation can actually be something that now matters more than ever, in the dynamic market we are in. Lead generation is now made possible with the Salesforce integrator.

Throwing light on Salesforce- Salesforce allows you to have visibility on the kind of business you are doing and the leads you need to generate to explore beyond localities. Integrating that with WordPress will only let you ease out the business of creating leads, logging all the activities you do with sales. It has now become a major part in the sales business. Every company out there is dealing with salesforce right now, because of the vast scope that they have with enterprises.

When you integrate salesforce with WordPress, you are actually opening up horizons to increase your business. They have the entire database needed to see for yourself who the potential customers are, who are your existing customers and who can actually never get business from you. Right from the information of what the revenue is, to which country they are headquartered in- you can see through companies directly.

When it is about the salesforce integrator, there are many grades that come with it. It is important that you choose the right grade for your integrator. These can be dependent on the business that you run, the kind of customers you would want to deal with and many more factors that would also mean that choosing grades are actually important.

Here is a breakdown of the grades with the salesforce integrator; with pros and cons:

  • Grade A: The plug in that we spoke about earlier is categorized based on the services they provide and based on the category of integration they offer. Few tools are all about the grade A. They are categorized this way because of more seamless integration they give and because of more of logging benefits. Firstly, it is more about the email marketing that Salesforce is used for, and then comes the lead generation as well. Because of cumulative features some of the tools and plug in have, they are put in the Grade A.
  • Grade B: Gravity forms are one of the many tools pressed in this category. They provide lesser features than the grade ‘A’ tools, but they still are enough for enterprise and smaller business units.
  • Grade C: Brilliant and WP are some of the tools that exist in the Grade ‘C’ level, the grade offers light weight features like just logging and no extended functionalities. The ones that you find in the grade first would not be here in the last grade. You can even look at the bifurcation as- The first two grades go very well with huge companies and properly funded firms, while the last grade goes for self funded firms and small scale businesses that do not have a lot of background data to cater to.

It is quite essential in the recent times to integrate wordpress with salesforce because automation is what it takes to ease out processes. Once you find out how important marketing, sales and inside sales is; you will understand how important it is to save up on time and make full use of the features that salesforce has.

Whenever you send across a mail to your potential or current clients- you think of manually logging the activity on salesforce. That kind of consumes time to begin with, and hence automation comes in to picture. Automating this activity will allow you to never forget logging activities and sending mails, contacts and everything straight to salesforce. This eases great deal of work on your team’s end. Salesforce integrator comes in different shapes and prices and all of them are equally helpful. It depends on the sole purpose why you would want to automate in the first place.

  • Reduces the time taken to manually log things: Manual intervention can actually cause a lot of errors and even be very cumbersome to begin with. When you look at this that way, manually looking forward to logging can make you forget logging in the first place and thus cause problems with the sales team.
  • Email marketing and sales can be tracked– With the integrator, you can log everything and anything straight within a click and you can keep track of things. You can actually track what you have been doing in the sales side and how much more of efforts you need to put in more.
  • This one does wonders for the CRM team: If you are looking to add leads and generate more contacts from the potential customers out there, you closely track their companies. The integrator allows you to merge wordpress and salesforce in ways that your leads and the contacts can go straight up with the sales and the marketing teams.
  • While writing mails/ posting things on WordPress, you can see everything about the person or the company you are writing to if integrated: If the salesforce data is to be trusted, you can see through everything that is there about the person or the company you are writing to, with just one click. This makes it easier for you to draft the relevant content you would want to see.
  • Avoid repetitive processes– Avoiding repetitive mistakes and processes can be one of the greatest things that happen when it comes to the automation tools that we have with the CRM and the Salesforce. Salesforce is the greatest asset to the marketing and the sales team in the recent times and automating every process out there is the only way to make sure that the time and the energy is saved up.

Salesforce and wordpress integration happens with the help of plugins and add on. There are many tools available for free on the internet that you can use for the integration. The integration tools available online have been collated below in the list. There are even more ways to integrate your wordpress with salesforce.

  1. Brilliant Plug-in: The plug in available with Brilliant is actually seamless. You wouldn’t know the lag time at all, because there is none. There is no lag time that exists with Brilliant plug in. All you got to do is to search through the internet and get yourself the plug in download. After you have downloaded the plug in, make sure you get through the verification and authentication processes. Like any plug in, you can simply hook it up with salesforce and wordpress.

It is free of cost that makes you just download and not pay a penny. You can simply try for yourself and see if it works for you. The interface too is pretty easy for people who’ve just begun with technology can adapt to.


  1. WordPress Leads Plugin CRM: This is another CRM plug in that is available on the internet. It is basically to generate leads for salesforce and your business. It is a standalone CRM plug in. You can get that off the internet as well. You can get this from plug in directory. There is almost all the plug in that you would need to integrate the salesforce with WordPress.

This one’s a little hard on the interface. You would need to sit down and observe how to work on the integrator first, before you get your hands on the integrator.


  1. Zapier: Automation is the new Mantra now. If you are looking forward to automate everything that you have right now, then this one goes for you. This enhances the lead generation capacity very well, along with enabling easier logging tasks. It automates the tasks like logging your mails and your tasks with salesforce- that would manually take a lot of time and energy.

It is also available for free for some time. After the subscription time has been done with, you can easily subscribe your plan with the same online. This is a great help with email marketing and also with lead generation. When you log everything to salesforce, you have greater visibility on the potential customers- making sure you don’t spam them.


  1. Gravity forms: This is a form builder that allows you to build more forms based on the Salesforce integrator. With this form, the basic requirement of the integrator can be filled and the intuitive behaviour it has does the work. The interface is a little rough for this one as well, and is for enterprise level. The packs start from $59 per annum and you can easily buy them off the packs the online package offers.

This one also needs a little more than just a day’s training. The interface can be used by people who already know manually logging and how salesforce works overall.


  1. WP Forms for Salesforce: Many businesses start with forms. The forms that you would send to your customers and potential customers are recorded with this integrator. This integrator lets you collect the data from these forms and logs it automatically with the Salesforce. Salesforce mail marketing is something that is usually on the rise in the current decade. Email marketing is now made easier with this tool. Not just logging mails and everything on the salesforce but also with leads generation. All the customers you can work with and all the companies you can partner- is all available with this integrator.

This version is a free one for certain time period but then starts charging later on. It starts with $49 per annum.

These are just one of the many ways in which you can save up time by automating. A lot of businesses out there are now looking forward to integrating their outlook with Salesforce, their WordPress with Salesforce and integrating almost everything with Salesforce.