Brand Awareness


Brand Awareness is a critical thing for all businesses; it is a qualitative measurement of how much a customer is familiar with a particular brand, product or service. Creating brand awareness is the primary step in endorsing a fresh brand or stimulating an older product. Brand Awareness is also very crucial for building brand equity.

Brand Awareness includes three levels: Brand Recognition, Brand Recall, and Top-of-Mind Awareness. Brand Recognition, also known as “aided call”, is the level to which a customer can recognize a brand name by its elements and attributes. Brand Recall, also known as “unaided call”, measures how well a customer is attached with a brand name or a class of products. Top-of-Mind Awareness is the first brand that comes to the mind of a customer when thinking of a particular class of products.

Brand Awareness is one of the most vital elements for increasing sales of a product. It helps every business to extend and survive in the competition. The rate of brand awareness is proportional to the sales of the product. The higher the brand awareness, the better the sales and vice versa. It also encourages audiences which lead to an increase in market share and incremental sales. Brand Awareness is essential for both business to consumer (B2C) transactions as well as business to business (B2B) transactions. Brand Awareness also helps to:
● Promote your brand
● Identify and strengthen your brand
● Improved business status
● Thrive well in the business competition
● Differ your brand from other brands
● Find new customer and retain the old customers

Alike, the city of Rome, Brand Awareness will not be built in a day and people are not going to see your brand name automatically. Building brand awareness for a company is not easy whether you’re running a small, single-location business, a growing midsize company, or a multi-national business. There are thousands of brands opposing in the marketplace to make their brands the most familiar among the customers. But to concrete your business name on every commercial, you’ve to work with the right strategies. To build brand awareness you need to be vocal, your voice in the content must be distinct. With unique and innovative strategies you can become unbeatable in the competition and can also earn a huge amount of revenue. Invest money now and gain long term rewards.
Kueez, Avocados from Mexico, and TUI Group are examples of some brands that have used native advertising to build brand awareness.

1. Social Media Marketing
Take full advantage of the internet and social media. Among different search marketers, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular one. There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook every month and nearly 37% of its users use Facebook for business and personal purposes only. Whereas, about 36% of users use Twitter for business and personal purposes. Instagram has over 200 million active users and it sees more than 1 billion likes every day. One in six people using the internet are on Pinterest and Pinterest is very close to Facebook in driving users to corporate websites directly from their website. Retain standardization and post regularly on social media to build Brand Awareness. More than 80% of people believe in a brand when its company is active on social media platforms.
2. Blogging
Aim Detailed Audience Segments through blogging. Nearly 57% of marketers have been successful to acquire new customers via blogging. Blogging helps in the following way:
● Display your brand to the audience
● Helps to increase business-client relationship
● Enhances brand credibility, market share, exposure, and sales
● Improved search rankings
3. Content Writing
Content Writing is another way to increase brand awareness and the site’s traffic. Consistency is the key to implement this branding strategy. There are different types of content and they are-
● Free contents
● E-Mail Newsletters
● Video contents
● Image-based contents
4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
There is no point in having a website for your business if nobody can find it on social media. Customers are often looking for a specific keyword in social media that links directly to your brand or product. Having a good search ranking in Google will take your SEO to the top level and it will also help you increase brand awareness.
5. Advertising
One of the most important objectives of advertising is Brand Awareness. Advertisement cuttings or hoardings are everywhere that surrounds us and it has become a foreseeable part of everyone’s life. There are millions of brands out there offering similar products. All of these brand owners promote their respective brand through advertising. Advertising being the main communication link between the customer and the owner is used to start and build a connection with a customer every time. Digital display and Video Ads with a wide raised area are capable of reaching thousands of consumers. An advertisement displays some precise and apt messages which enhance the knowledge and familiarity about the brand. A significant ad is displayed onto the screen every time a reader loads a website. It is also very important to allocate budget and the correct place to use advertisement. Brand Awareness through digital advertising can help you in the following way:
● Boost brand loyalty
● Advertising helps to motivate and engage customers with your brand and its products
● Increase communication and relationship with your customers
● Developing awareness about the new brand and products
6. Web Designing Marketing
Another important service in making your brand recognizable is web designing. Coca-Cola, Nike, and Maybelline are examples of brands that might come to your mind when you first think of brands. These brands have built a relevant image of their brand in the market and this is because of design marketing. Being creative and innovative is the key to success through designing. When designing your web page follow these:
● Get a prominent logo for your brand
● Choose a color palette to define your brand
● Use Typography
Good branding and visual designing are an attractive solution (i.e., which brand to choose and which not) for your clients. Marketers can reinforce their marketing messages through visual designing. A proper web page with good design reaches the audience faster. A well-designed web can help your brand rise in the following way-
● Portrays your brand
● Drive audiences to your website
● Creates an illustrated hierarchy

Increasing brand awareness should be the primary and number one target of every marketer. The first and most important way to increase brand awareness is to maintain consistency. Be consistent in every aspect and try engaging customers from different platforms. But the thing is do customers really recognize that you exist? Do they recognize your brand name, your products, and your services? Having great brand awareness is people having a deeper familiarity with your brand, products, and services. Here are some of the ways to increase brand awareness-
1. Make partnership with other brands [Example – Red Bull, Go Pro, Apple, MasterCard, Starbucks, etc.]
2. Guest Posting
3. Leverage social media platforms
4. Make use of Infographics [Example – Visme, Venngage, Canva, etc.]
5. Publish content and start blogging
6. Enhance People to People Marketing
7. Buy Ads and Run Pay-Per-Click Ads.
8. Host a Podcast and different social events [Example- #LIPSTORIES, Trailblazers, The Growth Show]
9. Frequently use your brand logo
10. Initiate Referral Program

Qualitative Brand Awareness Measures
Measurement of brand awareness is important as it figures out the entire brand awareness of your company. To measure brand awareness qualitatively and quantitively, take a look at these key metrics-
1. Use Direct Traffic
2. Utilize Google Analytics
3. Media Coverage
4. Blog Traffic and Conversion rate
5. Social Engagement and Followers
6. Study Referral Traffic
7. Compare with superior competitors
8. Use surveys and feedbacks
Measuring Brand Awareness is a multifaceted task but eventually, it’ll help to thrive well in the market.
Milton & King Influencer Partnerships Build Brand Awareness and Akbank Instagram Stories Create Brand Awareness are two examples of prominent Brand Awareness Programs.

Brand Awareness is a commanding concept and a very critical action that can be very crucial for your company’s success. The impact of brand awareness on your marketing development, revenue part, and consumer view is commendable. Brand Awareness is a long run procedure which requires the combination of endurance determination, and loyalty. Marketers often misunderstood marketing element. But Brand Awareness is very essential as it helps people remember your brand and company. To make your brand and company eye-catching, you need to invest money in the right place. The key is to be consistent from your side and to reinforce your position in the eyes of your clients. Brand Awareness is a powerful concept that helps in increasingly continuous business growth, incremental sales, and more cost-effective campaigns. Keep implementing new strategies to witness a better impact.