6 SEO Strategies for Merging Brands


Search engine optimization looks all fancy on the surface but is a really deep concept. The SEO strategies differ from company to company; scenario to scenario so on and so forth. When it is about two companies merging, there is different strategies altogether that you need to work on.

Two brands merging for their specific reasons only means there was a need in the first place to do so. The main pro in this case is that one company loses its potential competition in the market and is now a partner with the same. Whatever the reason is, the name should go out properly on to the internet. There shouldn’t be any misconceptions or false news out there floating. To be able to make two brands’ image in to one, it takes immense amount of networking, strategizing and then putting the right foot ahead. Here are some of the best SEO strategies that will help you redirect all the traffic on to the new website for good:

Say website A has been shut down because it merged with company B. In this case, the existing traffic of the website A needs to be redirected to B. To make this possible, it is important to put a call of action so that the audience of the old website ‘A’ now is toward the website B. Put out slogans by the marketing team that will inform the audience of the new advancement with regards to the change in the website.

Make sure you make it look attractive and natural. The redirection should happen in a smooth transition. Also, the current web pages of the website A should all be redirected to the new website B. This way, the content is relevant enough for the audience to catch up with, the news has gone out and the traffic increases by a substantial amount.

The news that the merging has just occurred and the new brand image is out there now, should always go out in the market. The update should be in a subtle manner. To match up with the ongoing trends in the market, it is now advisable to let the word out in a creative way. The more creative you become with all these sensitive things, the more you get on the attention of people.

The update should go out in every possible manner, in all possible platforms. There would be no one who would be present in all the social media platforms, on the websites and the likes. It is important to hold all types of traffic that you have on all the platforms possible. It should go out clear and loud that the two brands have merged to one and that the new brand image is XYZ. It should be more about the brand image and less about the news. The brand image now matters a lot because a lot of people won’t really be aware of the new image and it is important for people to know now.

If you are going to merge two brands to one, there will be a by-product that will come up. The brand assets individual brands here developed need to stay anyway. The new brand image should now be a merge of both the brand assets that were present individually. With the brand assets merged in to one now, it is important now to take hold of what you portray to the world out there.

For one brand, may be the asset was something of what they were offering, may be for some other it was about the social media marketing and the likes. Everything needs to be portrayed in the right manner in front of the world. These only increases the SEO reach of the organizations and help them make it to the top results in the SERP.

One way in which you can bring forth the right kind of attention to your website is to link up all social media platforms to the website. The website will now be a point where all the audience will merge up in to. Make sure the new brand image is now put forth on the social media as well. The social media networking sites are the hub that now generates lead and audience for the organizations in these eras. It is important that you put forth the right kind of relatable things out there for all the masses to relate to.

There are CTA buttons everywhere and people can just click on the links and land up on the website. If you wish to do that, you need to be sure you are putting up content that people will relate to and then move ahead with the linking part. When people love what they see, they often are urged to read more on the same, if you are successful in generating this lead; you can opt to link all the social media sites to your website. It is advisable that you do this anyway, because the new brand image will go out and people will also be attracted to go to your website increasing the CTR.

The new brand needs to now garner a lot of attention amidst the crowd that exists individually on both the brands merged. To make this possible, it is important that you interact with the traffic out there. The people who hop on to your website and would like to understand in depth need to be attended to, and that you can do by just interacting with them. Have a chat box open and answer up questions that pop up, via the mails or even by the social media networking sites. All of these only help you hold control of the audience that you have for a longer amount of time.

The chat boxes are just one of the so many ways website can hold up to the traffic. Another ways can be to send out marketing mails to the people who registered on to the website or even just used their mails to view your website. As soon as you get hold of their mailing ID, you can send forth some personalized material and wait for them to revert.

The keywords that you decide on using in the content that you post, plays a very vital role in the making of the SERP ranking. The results page is driven with what you call SEO ranking and to top the ranking, you need to work in that particular direction. The ranking is highly influenced by the way you put forth your content. SEO is driven by the ways in which you decide on putting ahead the keywords, the positioning of the same and then how readable your content is.

The keywords should be relevant to the topic you chose to post on. The keywords should be positioned in a SEO expert manner that would be readable by the search engine in a blink. The SEO pages are usually the ones where in the keywords are put in the top priority and are allowed to be read by the SEO experts first. The keywords can be put in the heading, the first paragraph and the ending paragraph as a superficial strategy. If you feel there are more ways of getting this done, you can invest some amount of time in carving out the best match for you.


There can be just so many strategies that you can work on that you will need to carve it out for yourself and then optimize the content. There will be no true strategies that will suit for all possible websites. These are just some of the basic ones that go on with all the organizations out there.