Hire an Experienced SEO Freelancer instead of an SEO Agency in Melbourne


Looking for SEO services to increase the findability of your company? Do you also want to be visible on the page within the Google search results with your website and do you want to keep that position? Then a complete SEO optimization process is your best option; a complex and continuous process. Yet a complete SEO process is not always necessary. Loose SEO services can in certain cases be very useful as a first step. Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant offers all SEO optimization services for small and large companies. This can involve one-off SEO quick wins or monthly SEO advice as a long-term process. We are here to help you as a SEO specialist with all search engine optimization facets.

When you enter into a search engine optimization process with Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant, this is always done with a clear strategy. We determine this strategy on the basis of your objectives. SEO can play an important role over the entire customer journey of your target group. After all, your (potential) customers orientate themselves through the search engine and come into contact with your brand, read your articles and become convinced of your authority and perhaps make the decision to choose for your product or service. In short, whether you want to be more visible, generate more traffic to your website or increase the number of orders: the possibilities are endless!


Looking for a SEO specialist in Melbourne, but operating throughout the country, Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant is your SEO specialist. Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant offers a number of SEO services that can be purchased separately, but we are also a strategic partner for your overall Online Marketing. Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant provides, among other things, the following SEO services:


Technology, content and authority: these are the three pillars of an SEO process, which always starts with an inventory phase. An extensive keyword search is an essential part of this phase. On the basis of search volumes and competition, it is determined which keywords are interesting for your sector. We make a realistic assessment of the required efforts for the desired result. The quality of the content and the technical content of the website are also examined. In addition, we analyze the link profile of the website (external influences) and make an inventory of how well your competitors are performing. All this is only the basis for a high position within Google.


When we have a clear picture of the performance of the website, we start with optimization. The website is perfectly organized, texts are rewritten and internal links are adjusted. We now have a good basis on which we can continue to build. From now on we will ensure that your website becomes an authority. Search engine optimization agency Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant manages your link building and link management. By means of qualitative content and the right links the reputation of the website is worked.



We will help you develop realistic SEO strategies. Do you have a team who need support and guidance, or want us to be your SEO team? We work in both ways to get you desired result.


Top keyword analysis allows you to top the search result in your industry. We don’t make promise we can’t keep.



We analyze your website internally and externally by providing recommendations for improved relevance and targeting on the search engine. We advise on all aspects of SEO, from site migrations, to schema & more.



Our experts have experience in reviewing backlink & link audits profiles. We have helped clients recover Google algorithmic penalties such as Panda & Penguin, and other issues they may experience in their search engine optimization processes.


This is often not given the expected attention by most business owners, but this is still one of the fundamental ways for getting to the top on the search engine. Today ‘link building’ is also an aspect of PR, content marketing to get people to see your brand.


You must have heard that content is king; this is the backbone of search engine marketing. Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant come up with most ranked keyword to make potential customers see your brand.



Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant have developed relationships with various publishers, journalists, bloggers and influencers in major industries. They trust our service for timely opinion.



Our team of creative’s, designers & developers work with our SEO experts to create an infographics that get shared on the social media.



Social media also form an integral part of Search engine optimization, we get your brand across various audience that will be interested in your brand.


Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant is an expert when it comes to data and we provide you with analytics, conversions & revenue (or value), to know how effective your SEO may be.

SEO is an ongoing process that is complex and intensive. Not every company wants to opt for a full SEO trajectory because the situation is not up to that. In those cases, it may be wise to purchase a separate (or multiple separate) SEO service from Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant. For example, one of the following situations may apply to you:

  • You do not want to / cannot commit to a full SEO process
  • You still have insufficient knowledge to oversee the implication of an SEO process
  • Your company is now carefully taking the first steps in the SEO field
  • You are already active in the field of SEO but you need additional consultancy in addition to your current SEO efforts
  • You are looking for more information on a specific SEO component
  • On an organic level, your company does not score as well within the search results


A search engine categorizes your website based on search queries or search terms. You must therefore ensure that the search terms are properly on your website. In addition, a search engine assesses your website in countless other areas. It is important that your website is user-friendly, accessible and relevant.

Our SEO campaign pricing is based on the result you get, which is dependent on the result you want to achieve and how competitive your industry is. Our SEO campaigns are based upon your specific requirements. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what our SEO service can do to boost your business.