How digital marketing consultant will make life easier for you

Make sure you are found and increase your turnover!
Achieving online success starts with a good strategy and a clear concept.

A digital marketing consultant knows in and out of the digital marketing faults and dos, he knows why you must do a certain thing in a certain way. Here are four reasons why you must hire a digital marketing consultant to boost up your business online and get the quicker ROIs you expect:

  1. The consultant knows website optimization and SEO hacks:

SEO and even website optimization for that matter are really vast topics to begin with. The consultant knows exactly what to use as a hack and what not to. You can do the basics of SEO, but the in-depth knowledge is something only the digital marketing consultant will know. Search engine optimization has now become an entire field in the digital marketing sector. The field is now getting more attention because of the returns that people are getting out of this.


  1. Branding and advertising are two different parameters:

Advertising in magazines / billboards / other blogs online is one thing and branding is another thing. The two go hand in hand is something you should be aware of. With proper advertising comes strong branding and vice versa. The consultant has in-depth knowledge of online marketing so that the branding has been done perfectly.


  1. The algorithms are something the consultant knows:

That’s the consultant’s job to know in and out all the algorithms and hacks of the online market and digital platforms out there. The algorithms change with almost every fortnight updates and one needs to keep a track of the same. You running a business and then keeping a note of the changes in the algorithms are something of far cry.


  1. Knowledge of all the platforms and networking site:

The social market is now not just about the website or blog you host. It is also about the soil media networking sites that we have that you need to keep a note of. The consultant, on the other hand, knows everything about the digital platforms that are there like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes. Marketing digitally on all these platforms will only help you achieve the goal there.


What are the services provided by the digital marketing consultant?


We provide services that cater to all the verticals out there and also to small scale business coming up now. As digital marketing consultants, we focus mainly on the motive of strategizing and coming up with newer reforms only to increase the performance of any social media platform of the client. In detailed descriptions, here are the services we provide:

Social media marketing

Social media agency Melbourne helps clients to use social media in the right way. From setting up Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin accounts and managing the chosen media up to and including offering total internet solutions. In advance, we agree with our clients on the objectives and accurately report the results achieved.

Online marketing strategy

Think Tank Digital builds bridges between its customers and the digital world. This makes a clear translation between the technique of online marketing and a clear explanation towards its customers. We have a lot of experience with the design and implementation of online marketing strategies. We do this on the basis of careful research, clear strategy, tight planning and clear reports.

Brand & Concept

Before we get started with the website, we first dive into the how and why through the help of brand agency Melbourne. Together we make a plan. You indicate your wishes; we advise and share our knowledge. In this way we arrive at a well thought-out internet strategy that forms the basis of the new website.

Conversion optimization

Get more out of existing visitors through conversion optimization by SEO agency Melbourne. We solve website bottlenecks for more returns!Strategy + Experience = Successful Online Marketing. With a specialization in SEA &Search engine optimization (SEO) we help SMEs with our online marketing services. We can show you proven results of top positions for websites in Google on competitive keywords.

Digital Design

Web design agency Melbourne works with the best WordPress specialists. We help you with all your website challenges. Think of theme development, custom plugin development, small WordPress modifications and building a full website in WordPress. Building a new site can be customized or based on a template.To build the ultimate website, Think Tank Digital uses the mix of 3 factors: an eye-catching design, optimized for search engines and optimal responsiveness for all devices.

Why Think Tank Digital?

We have existed for a while and that is a good result. Below you will find a number of interesting facts about Think Tank Digital.

More than 18 years of experience

We have been working with a passionate team for 18 years. You are working with People with a heart for the internet and an eye for results. As a full-service digital agency Melbourne, Think Tank Digital offers online solutions that directly contribute to the operating profit of its customers.

Rated with a 9.4

Customers rate marketing company Melbourne with an average of 9.4 out of 10. That sounds great of course, and that’s it too ;-). We always let all our customers fill out a feedback form at the end of a project so that we keep our focus on ourselves.

A team with 20 specialists

At Think Tank Digital everyone does what they do best. We work with a strong team of developers, designers, marketers and management team.

More than 500 satisfied customers

we have been working for more than 10 years for companies at home and abroad and do this with great pleasure. We are also a partner of more than 15 advertising agencies in Melbourne and other part of Australia.

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The Think Tank Digital helps you to get more out of your website or webshop. We turn your website or webshop into a strong marketing machine that is not only beautiful, but also generates a lot of money.