Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Webdesign specializes in the design and development of customized websites. Our web developers experience in website development, we will help us develop a website for every company that fully meets the specific wishes of the client. Our work is very diverse, focused on detail and on the wishes of the customer. Our services can be divided into a number of important components.

It is important to make a good first impression with your website on your visitors and potential customers. We strive to seamlessly adapt the design of the website to your corporate identity and image. We listen carefully to your wishes and ensure an effective end result. Through our experience and insight into the developments within the world of web design, we are able to offer you the latest solutions.
With a nice design you are not there yet. We translate the designs for you into a functional, user-friendly website. We specialize in delivering unique websites, with its own specific functionalities to the wishes of the customer. Whether it is the addition of a social media plugin: we always come up with a suitable solution. In short: we deliver customization!
If you want to place content on your website, you do not want to put your energy into unnecessary actions due to technical shortcomings. That is why we have developed a management system (Content Management System) where simplicity and user-friendliness are the most important values. Our existing customers find it very easy to find their way into the system and have sufficient possibilities to adjust content.
A Responsive website automatically adapts itself to PC, laptop, mobile and ipad. Your website is therefore perfectly in view at every visitor, and Google really loves responsive websites!!! Approximately 60% of your visitors nowadays use a tablet or a mobile and these are only getting more. A responsive site that shows well on all screens and is easy to use is the key to a successful website. We therefore offer to optimize your website for Smartphone’s and tablets. This can be done simply by adjusting the display of the website to the size and type of the screen, but also by completely adapting the content on mobile devices. Totally to your liking. Your website will be delivered responsive by us, unless otherwise indicated or desired by you.

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant makes your e-commerce website development. With an e-commerce store made by us, you can sell your products in style. Your ecommerce site will have a completely unique and professional layout, and can be combined with a regular website. The search engine optimization options are also well organized with the ecommerce store.
You want to be found online by existing and potential customers. This is the cheapest and most sustainable way to get and stay high in Google. It is the organic search results, and unlike Google Adwords results, they are retained. We make sure that your website is search engine friendly, so that you are found on Google. We do this by technically optimizing the website behind the scenes, but also by allowing you in the CMS (management system) to manage all so-called meta-information, with which you strengthen your SEO position.
Your logo tells a story and your house style also tells a story. With your graphic identity you communicate with your customers. It shows what kind of company you are, how professional and what the identity of your company is. We design logos and house styles that bring your idea, product or brand to the attention in the right way. Combine this with a compelling and effective website design and you get a strong visual concept with which you can achieve your goals.
 Logo design
Web design services from Friesland will design your logo in Adobe Illustrator. This means that your logo shows well in every resolution, color and size and can be used for all printing applications.
 House style design
Your corporate identity is reflected in your graphic identity (website) and in all your printing and lettering. Therefore, in addition to creating the graphic design of your website, we can also ensure that your printed matter is provided with your corporate identity.
Do you want a new website and do not have an existing hosting package or domain name yet? Or are you not satisfied with your current provider? We are happy to take care of this for you.

You will get an excellent hosting monitored by our experts
The website you will be getting from us is mobile compatible; you won’t be losing customers. Your website will be dynamically adjusted for tablet and smartphone users.
You will be getting premium plug-in and other tools to monitor the effectiveness of your website for free.
You will be getting a flexible search engine friendly websites that will increase your visibility on search engine.
Your website will be built on word press platform which makes the maintenance a simple click. You don’t need rocket science knowledge or developer to maintain your website.

Contact us today to get more information about web development services. Whether you need a new website design or rebranding of the existing one, you can trust Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant to manage the whole process from start to finish!