As a company you are always looking for new customers. But it does not stay with a website; the website will have to be optimized for both visitors and search engines. Because the website is optimized for users, it will also be included in the search results. As a result, more relevant visitors are received on the website. This simply means getting higher positions in the search engines. Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant ensure that your website is as high as possible and that you are visible to your target customers. Our team of experts will come up with amazing strategy to have technically sound Website that allow your customers see your brand in their first search.

There are plenty of reasons to take SEO services and to make your website rank higher in the search engines. After all, if you have a higher position, you will get more visitors. Your site will be visited more and therefore increase in value. In the first place due to the higher number of visitors and possibly also due to more sales or leads and appointments. It is not necessary to buy visitors through advertisements, banners or social media. A click to a website can easily cost 10 cents to 10 euros (depending on your activities). Getting visitors from the search engines offers the advantage that you do not have to make this investment.

Through our years of experience we have put together processes and systems. We use them to give websites a good place in the search engines. We can do this for you too.
Of course we know that a good price is also important for you. We know for the full 100% certain that you too will be impressed by our price-quality ratio. Of course it is tailored to your need.
We have made doing business with Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant simple and try to explain the SEO techniques in the basic way possible
We walk you through the process of how we analyze your website, provide you with updates and answer you necessary questions
Our teams are basically focused on delivery quality to our customers and nothing less.

There are many facets that affect your findability: site structure, texts, incoming links, loading speed, mobile friendliness, authority, HTML validity and so on. We start with the most important and help you systematically gain ground within the search results. Some of the work that we can do for you:
We believe that nobody can deliver better content than you. You have the knowledge, the experience with your target group and your products and you can generate the best information about it. But, with all due respect, that does not mean that you can fill good pages with that. We look at your existing texts, place them next to your website goals and adjust the order, content, layout and meta-information here and there, so that Google picks up exactly where you want to be found. Do you want to make good SEO texts from scratch? Then we help you through a handy tool: an SEO template. All elements that influence your findability, we fill in with the terms on which your target group searches. We do this on the basis of keyword research.
Google assesses your added value to the internet by looking at how much is being said about you. They calculate this on the basis of incoming links from external websites (including social media). And whether these ‘link partners’ also fit in with your services and products. Qualitative link building takes time, but is worth it.

Google wants to give everything and everyone a place. Your site structure provides a hold. A subpage is part of his main page, which makes sense for the visitor and therefore also for Google. If there is information on one subpage that connects to a subpage of another main page, then you link this to internal links. There is logic too. We are happy to help you set up or optimize this logic.
Do you feel that your website is not perfect for findability? We can make a scan of your website. Then we indicate which SEO improvements are possible for better findability.
Do you wonder how good or bad your competition is doing? We can help through an analysis of their findability, backlinks and expenses on paid advertisements.
Good content on your website is also important for findability. This is not about the quantity, but about the quality of the content. From Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant we can help, among other things, writing texts that SEO is technically sound. But we can also help with basic training on SEO.

Our team specializes in on-page and off-page SEO. We have a proven history in increasing search engine positions for our customers. Our strategies have been developed to achieve one or more of the following objectives:
Inspire potential customers to visit your website via social networks
Stimulate the dialogue and coverage of influential people and websites
Inspire your target audience to visit your website via social networks

Curious which components within your website can use more attention? Which strategies are needed to reach more visitors and visibility? Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant consists of well trained professionals. We like to surprise all our customers by thinking just a little bit further. In doing so, we are taking part in the business. Together we feel responsible for the end result. We also write SEO technical texts for your website. In addition, we of course ensure that you are high in the search results. Contact us now for quality SEO services!