The power of custom designed websites for equity firms and Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)


The world now has digitally evolved by leaps and bounds and almost every organization is now looking forth to digitize their processes, their ways of working and the likes. There is something with the custom made websites that you won’t probably find elsewhere, when you just pick up templates and sites from the pre canned sites. The custom made websites have been reported to garner more of attention and traffic from the internet than the ones that look really redundant on the front.

M&A and even equity firms for that matter should always stick to what we now call- tailors made and customized as per the vertical and the industry. The world class organizations too put in a lot of efforts in just making up of their digital marketing team and that is exactly how they are able to connect to more crowd out there. Investing time and money in digitizing the way your brand looks on the internet becomes important in the long run. Whether or not you wish to invest the kind of time in this, it is advisable that you do.

The strategic objectives are the ones that lead you to the road of success. The objectives should be something of this sort:
· More relevant content
· More traffic generation
· SEO specific pages
· Customized and patterned pages on the websites

There can be objectives- both long term and short term; it depends on you to figure out which ones float your boat and you can make it to the top pages in the SERP (Search engine results’ page).

The equity firms and even M&A for that matter need the spotlight to be on them, rather than being on any other aspect out there. To bring about the spotlight on to their website and the new brand image, it is important to invest time in just carving out something which is tailor-made for their own image.

Here are 3 reasons why you should stick to the custom made websites-

1. It starts with Logo design and branding- To do the right kind of branding, you will need to be sure that you know what you are buying yourself in to. The logo can be made from any third party vendor and can be used on to the website template you just bought rights for- but it doesn’t work that way. You will need to put forth efforts to put up the logo in the right area where it would be rightly visible to the traffic that hops in.<?span>

2. The repetitive templates don’t really work– The repetitive templates don’t work when it comes to the SEO specific content. SEO will eventually become redundant with the same kind of website templates found almost on every fifth website and will start rejecting all of them collectively. It should be original and it should be more of the brand image than just random things put up anywhere.

3. The loading and coding- The loading of the website takes time, every time. But if it more than 3 seconds, people lose patience and will hop out of the site and will never visit the same. It is important that you have a website custom made so that the loading depends on nothing but the internet connection on the viewer’s site nevertheless. This might seem to be one of the very least important reasons, but it is something that drives forth the traffic and will focus more on the ways in which the traffic will drive the website.

Here are 5 best strategies that you can use in order to make it to the SERP in the top results’ pages and become recognized by the search engines out there. All the search engines have different algorithms and one website needs to be on the middle ground when it comes to the search engine optimization. But here are 5 best ones that will stand the ground with all the search engines out there:

1. Get it designed matching up with the world class organizations out there:

The world class organizations out there need to be the targets to reach out to. Get it matched with them and professionally designed by experts out there. The experts know what the trend out there and what to even stick to make it to the SERP. Get it professionally designed with respect to the knowledge of your existing traffic and their likes and dislikes. You can conduct a survey in which you can ask for the website reviews and then go forth designing one for yourself.
There should not be even one single pre canned themes or templates that the search engines have already recognized. Everything should be designed and coded from the scratch. This will take a lot of time and resources, but it will be worth the efforts you are putting in.

2. Authentic content and right branding-

No amount of bluffing will attract the kind of audience you want. The more authentic the content sounds, the more people stick to your website. When you tailor-made your website, you are also making sure that the risk of plagiarism is now cancelled out and the search engines get to read some real stuff out there.
People don’t understand the importance of authentic content and they even use the images that are found on Google. If you see on the world class organizations’ websites, you will see they create their own images, click their own shoots and then post extremely good content which cannot be found elsewhere.

3. Optimize your content and website:

Optimize the content that you post on the website and also, make sure all of your website has keywords scattered at the right places and is completely evident for the search engine to read. Optimizing strategies are different. These include the keywords placing, selection of the keywords, the title tags, the headers and the footers and many other things of the same domain.
Once you get your content optimized, you are now exposing your website to be present in the top pages of the SERP and then can be easily found by the viewers looking for the content online.

4. Keep upgrading the website:

The grind doesn’t really stop when you create a custom made website, it goes forth to even maintenance of the same. The digital world is fast moving and changes occur every quarter of the year, the more you focus on the technology, the more you evolve with the website thing. But there’s a catch here, when we talk about staying upgraded, it is not just about the updates that happen but more about the content as well. Keep the website completely up-to-date and then venture out every fortnight in to the market developing more.
Keep the entire content customer specific and make sure to make it really relatable. There are certain things that always help no matter what- keeping shorter sentences, using images to convey what you are wanting to and the likes.

5. An online marketing roadmap fixed:

The online marketing roadmap is essentially important. The roadmap will define what you need to get on board, what you have already achieved and what all should not be in the radar right now. The roadmap also defines something of what all should be the priority right now. The top organizations out there usually abide by what we now know as ‘roadmap for digitizing the processes’ and the website customization.

You can focus on everything that’s there out in the market, or you can limit the focus to just what the market needs and what your organization is in dire need of right now. Here are some of the strategies that usually do help organizations get it clearer in the right ways, but there are many out there that you can find by yourself.