Exprerienced and Affordable Copywriter Melbourne


Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant team of copywriters comes up with unique content after putting enough time via thorough research. Good SEO content on your website make the site easier to find in Google and improve the legibility, image and persuasiveness of your website. Every piece of content is stuffed with relevant keywords to avoid SEO flags. In this way, Copy improves the turnover of your website. Also get more sales from your website which the main reason you need Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant copywriting service in getting the best Copywriters in Melbourne.

If you want your website to be found in Google on a certain search term, it is important that this search term (keyword) appears on your website. A proven way to better find a specific search term (keyword) is to write a text for this keyword topic and add it as a separate page to your website. You can trust the professionalism of copywriters in Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant to add high converting content to your website with careful balance between major factors:

  1. Persuasive, Clearly about the product or service that you offer via website that will attract customers
  2. The right blends of keywords and Built according to the expectations of the intended visitors
  3. Social media management: written with a predetermined goal, and shared on major platforms.
  • You only get unique and creative contents

Our experts will only offer you unique contents that will help you attract your prospective customers

  • Perfectly Optimized Content

We optimise the page for both the human user and search engines. This means that the title and the intermediate headings are provided with the right keywords. At the same time, the title and intermediate headings should stimulate the human user to continue reading.

  • Internal linked Content

We adds internal links to the text and determines the most suitable target page and the title link for each link. This helps visitors to easily find relevant information. Search engines can better search the website through internal links.

  • Keyword density

Too high keyword density leads to a deterioration of your position in Google, so we check whether the keyword density of the texts is not too high. When determining the keyword density, Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant starts from the text after placement. This also includes the words on the standard page elements such as menus and footer and invisible keywords in the html such as link titles.

  • Implementation SEO Content

Our SEO Copywriting Melbourne can also arrange for the contents to be placed correctly on your website. This means that we adapt the html code for you, so that the contents are optimally found in Google. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can quickly deliver easily identifiable, sales-increasing texts.

  • Uniquely Crafted Contents

Our copywriters offer you unique contents alone. We create your content with popular keyword. The keywords are perfectly stuffed to rank your website on search engine.

  • Content for SEO

Your content is well optimized with Meta tags and written according to the keyword that will be searched by your prospective customers

  • Long-form content

We are also an expert in writing long content s that will be used as press release and guest post

  • Social media posts

Your content will be optimized in a way that will make your customers share it on social media. Our expert copywriters will write content that will position your brand as Authority on Instagram, LinkedIn Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Content for Email Marketing

Our copywriters comes up will email copy that will convert most of the times. If you need email copy that will get you the maximum leads, you can trust our team of copywriters for that.

  • Expert collaborations

We have close relationship with influencers in various industries. These collaborations is Important in allowing your target market know what you have to offer.

Using our SEO copywriting services is a sure way to attract prospective customers to your services and goods. This in turn, will also help to increase your sales and authority in your industry. Our skilled copywriters are not just filling your page with keywords, but inputting our professionalism in getting you the required customers. Contact us today for your copywriting tasks.