You must have heard that Content Is King! We employ the best technique to come with amazing content. This means the content will be engaging and well optimized with appropriate keyword to attract the potential customers. We’re not only focusing on making your website rank high on search engine positions, but make your customers a fan of your brand. For a successful copywriting, we use unique content creation styles to offer what Google needs.

The first and most important reason is to make pages or websites easier to find. Search engines visit a website and view what it is about. The more information they encounter, the better the search engine understands the page. And the more a search engine understands the page, the more relevant it will be to the search engine user. After all, a search engine strives to show the most relevant possible results. Besides a better findability, good text also ensures the conversion of the visitors. That is why it is important that the content answers the questions that visitors have. If the content then offers a solution, a conversion is within reach. Content therefore plays an important role in the Customer Journey.

In order to be able to use SEO copywriting well, it is important to look in advance at the right appropriate strategy. A good one content strategy helps to realize the objectives. A good strategy is based on a keyword search. The keyword search determines which keywords are interesting to use search engine marketing. These keywords are processed in a content strategy. In this way, effective direction is given to the use of SEO copywriting. The execution of SEO copywriting has many different aspects. The starting points for our SEO copywriters are therefore:
• Clarity about product or service
• Convincing CTA (Call to Action)
• Sales oriented
• Bright structure
• Audience specific
• Guidelines from Google for writing texts
What can Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant do for you?
For SEO copywriting, Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant can completely unburden. This is how we guide you from the beginning to the end. Together we look at your wishes and determine the best direction. We tell you what we do and why we do it throughout the process. You are also not in contact with a project manager, but you speak directly with an SEO consultant who performs it directly for you.

• Keyword research
During a keyword search we look thoroughly at all the words that are important for your organization. We list all these words and compare them with each other. The most potential words emerge from a keyword search. That is the basis for the content strategy.
• Content strategy
Here we determine the strategic choices together with you. This way we decide which words we will write and how we will do this. We bring structure and make the results measurable.
• SEO copywriting
After determining the strategy we will start working for you. We write texts for the keywords and create matching content. We do all this in good consultation. The content is only definitive after approval by the customer.
• Engaging Blog Content
Your blog pages need to be updated regularly. The blog may not only be about your products and services but what will draw the attention of your customers. You can trust the skills of our copywriters to offer you the most engaging blog post.
• Press Release Copywriting
Do you have new services or products? Monthly press release is another way to get your brand out. We will package your message and intent together to create promotional information that will draw the targeted audience to your brand.
• Monitoring the ranking
After the page has gone live, it is important to map out the results. SEO copywriting can be used for the long term. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the results of the website. We use a number of software tools, in which you can continuously watch live.
• Content training and Consultancy
In addition to the complete unburdening in the field of SEO copywriting, Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant also offers consultancy and content training courses. During these trainings you will learn the basics of SEO copywriting and you can get started immediately. If necessary, we can then support you with advice and guidance.

Everything starts with you. Our team of copywriters comes up with content for search engine bots, human eyes to get your brand noticed by potential customers. Increase your customer base and revenue by taking advantage of Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Copywriting service. Place your request today. Get started in no time.